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Amusement Park 9D VR Arcade machine virtual reality Movie Couple Seats Egg design 2 big seats for couples leisure recreation

9D VR Movie Couple Seats VR movies 6 seats,family amusement VR movies with VR Glasses with Full HD resolution, comfortable to adults and children,exclusive medias for your VR equipment .
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Amusement Park 9D VR Movie Couple Seats Egg design 2 big seats for couples leisure recreation Description:
  • 9D VR chair use the VR glasses to show the 360º movies
  • Connect with the motion seats and bring a totally different and real experience
  • 3dof dynamic motion platform, faster and more exciting 
  • Strong wear proof & heatproof material, best performance
  • Best movement, Simplest structure, with alloy steel electric cylinder and electric box 
  • The newest electronic technology, Nearly no need maintains
  • 88 free 360°VR movies included , 1-2 New movie updated every month
  • VR Glasses with Full HD resolution, comfortable to adults and children
  • Develop with our own player and cooperate strictly with software company to bring exclusive medias for your VR equipment .
Application of the 9D VR Chair:
  • 2seats VR vision virtual reality game simulators for minimum space
  • Started by sensor or coin
  • Control desk by keyboard or touch screen to your favorite movie
  • Sit on egg chair and put on VR glasses
  • Start enjoying 9D movie for a crazy experience.
  • Move your head and press the button on the seats to shoot the target in the movie
  • Widely used in squares, parks, recreation halls, airports, clubs, museums and so on.

FAQ on the 9D VR Chairs:

Q1:How long is warranty of the 9D VR Cinema?

 A: 1year for hardware, lifetime for software.
Q2:how long is your lead time of the VR cinema machine?
A:7-15days when received your deposit
 Q3. Conditions to set up a cinema?
 A. A room about 4.8m*2.8m*2m (A 6 seats VR vision virtual reality game simulators  for minimum space)
 B. One to two staffs to manage the VR vision virtual reality game simulator.