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Arcade game center racing game machine 1 or 2 players 3D racing machine for arcade

Arcade simulator racing machine description:classic arcade simulator racing machine
popular in many kinds of amusement occasions like arcade center, game center, amusement parks.
simulated from the real car racing, 2 players competition
Description FAQ
Motorcycle simulator machine description:
  • The TT motor and ATT motor of the motorcycle game machine has different sizes
  • Simulator Motorcycle machine is 32” display screen, 22” and 42”as option.
  • Designed for double player motorcycle racing competition
  • Metal frame and strong fiberglass bottom
  • Coin operated system
  • The motorcycle body is easy to turn left or right side to change direction on screen
Application of Motorcycle simulator machine
  • Simulator machine required only 4 square meters
  • Suggested ticket price :1 coin for each game 5 minutes.
  • longer playing time for each game, easily adjustable following the operation manual
  • Widely used for arcade center, amusement center, shopping mall, family amusement park
  • Colors available: Red, as picture

FAQ for Motorcycle simulator machine:

1.are you a direct supplier of motorcycle simulator machine in China?

A:Yes, we manufacturer of amusement simulator machine directly, located in Guangzhou city, China.
2.what is the MOQ for motorcycle simulator machine?

A:1 PCS.

3.How to install the motorcycle simulator machine?

A:Key-turn solution, easy operation.
4.How is the motorcycle simulator machine is package?

A: wood frame packed, high protection for shipping
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