Arcade musical dancing machine 2 players coin operated music dance game for arcade center

Arcade music dancing,one of the musical dancing machine, widely used for arcade center, kids center, amusement park, family entertainment center, entertainment center shopping mall etc.
Description FAQ
Arcade music dancing machine description:
  • 2 players competition music dancing machine
  • Wonderful outlook design with cool music, LED lights, LCD screen ,
  • Adjustable music volume, own music can be upload
  • Clear LCD screen show score of the competitor
  • Coin Operating system
  • Widely used on arcade centers
Application of Original arcade music dancing machine:
  • Playground suggestion: flat and the place accepting loud sounds
  • 1 music dancing machine required space is about 4 M2
  • Suggested ticket price :usd1-3 for each game
  • More game machine attract more players to dance and compete together
  • Colors available: Black, this is the most classic color

FAQ for Original arcade music dancing machine:

1.Are you a China factory of Original arcade music dancing machine?

A:Yes, we are the factory located in Guangzhou, China.
2.are you sell online of Original arcade music dancing machine?

A:Yes,Please just contact with our sales .
3.How does the Original arcade music dancing machine operate?

A:Inserting coins, choosing a best song ,starting dancing and pressing music button at meantime.