Entertainment Classic amusement Classic Air Hockey Arcade family center  material,"aluminum and metal frame and wood case. 
*The Car painting, surface looks very shining even after 2 years.
*Super flat surface for player game fun.
*Multi color choices and size choice. adjustable
Description FAQ
Playgrounds Amusement Park family entertainment Air Hockey coin operated 4 players hockey table games for family entertainment arcade center description:
  • worldwide popular arcade game machine
  • Design suitable for players, most classic hockey star we selling, hot popular to the market
  • Score board , High-end painting on fiberglass, surface of air hockey looks super shining
  • flat table for game fun
  • Blue Shining design and adjustable music to attract more people in the game
  • Coin Operating system
  • CE certificated
Application of Entertainment arcade Air Hockey for Arcade family center :
  • Playing space for arcade machine air hockey, just 3 m2.
  • More machines in a line as competition will be much better
  • Ticket price:$1-3 for each game 5minutes, Adjustable longer playing time
  • Unique cute design of hockey star on the arcade playground.
  • Color choice: Blue and light blue, other designs for more colors!
FAQ for amusement Classic amusement Classic Air Hockey for Arcade family center :
1.Are you an arcade game machine air hockey China Factory ?

A:Yes, we are the origin arcade game machine factory located in Guangzhou, China, OEM, ODM available.
2.If the coin box of the arcade air hockey machine fit for coins of different countries?

A:Sure. After setting a sample coin, then it works.
3.How long is the warranty for arcade machine air hockey?

A:1 year for motherboard.

Other questions you may need an answer ,please refer to company information and after sales service column or send any inquiry to us. Thank you!