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What is Hot Selling Iron Man Walking Robot?

Everyone has a heroic complex. Do you want to be a hero?
We have designed a machine for you.

The iron man walking robot is designed by our own R&D department, is inspired by the popular movie “Iron man”
Robot amusement ride, as a newly-designed and hot theme park ride, robot amusement ride successfully finds its way to amusement park rides market and becomes one of the most popular kiddie rides.
Our robot rides are characteristic of easy operation, 360-degree rotation, MP3 music player, cool appearance and varied application.

The joystick in the upgrade robot ride enables the rider to control the thrill ride freely. What’s more, riding on the robot, the rider could operate it to move forward, backward or 360-degree rotation, which is full of passion and interest.

Another thing worth mentioning is that our robot walking ride almost has no demand on site so long as the site is flat so that the robot rides could move freely.

Application: Suitable for kiddy robot ride can be amusement parks, backyards, playground, carnival, public activity center, shopping mall, indoor and outdoor entertainment centers.