Swing Kiddie Rides

Coin operated Kid video swing car coin operated 3D video 2 seats kid racing game machine

Coin operated Kid video swing car , Kiddie video ride apply for indoor playground,
popular in many kinds of amusement occasions like arcade center, game center, amusement parks.
simulated from the real car racing, 2 players competition
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Coin operated Kid video swing car  description:
  • Design for kids swing riding
  • HD LCD screen in front, show racing competition clearly
  • During game time, there is music to be played and shining light
  • After game finished, there is knowledge introduction of different fruit
  • Default setting is Coin Operated system
  • Game time is easy to be set from 1-15 minutes.
  • CE certification
  • English version is available
Application of Coin operated Kid video swing car :
  • Kid coin operated motorcycle ride widely used for shopping mall, arcade game center and amusement parks, commercial centre.
  • Ticket price , usd1-2 for each game.
  • With small investment, high return is very quickly for arcade owners
  • Colors available: Red, blue

Package info of the amusement kid racing swing rides, Kid Racing video game faclity loading for 20GP/40GP quantity for reference.

FAQ for Coin operated Kid video swing car :

1.are you a direct supplier of motorcycle simulator machine in China?

A:Yes, we manufacturer of amusement simulator machine directly, located in Guangzhou city, China.
2.what is the MOQ for motorcycle simulator machine?

A:1 PCS.

3.How to install the motorcycle simulator machine?

A:Key-turn solution, easy operation.
4.How is the motorcycle simulator machine is package?

A: wood frame packed, high protection for shipping
Other questions you may need an answer ,please refer to company information and after sales service column or send any inquiry to us. Thank you!