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Coin Operated Kid Robot ride- Introduction:
Coin Operated Kid Robot Ride– Iron Man, special design according to the Iron man robot, novel & unique amusement ride design.

Application: Entertainment Coin Operated Kid Robot Coin Operated Ride is widely used for entertainment park, play ground, shopping mall, kids’ park, theme park, amusement park, kids’ centre, family amusement park, adventure park, fun center etc.

Do you know how to play our kiddie walking robot?
Step1: turn on the power switch.
Step2: press remote control for starting.
Step3:The player operate 2 joystick, put 2 joystick forward together,the robot will go forward. Put 2joystick backward,the robot will go backward.put 1joystick forward and 1joystick backward,the robot will rotate 360 degree.
Step4:Can be set the speed and music on display screen.
Step5:When the game is over, the machine will stop automatically.