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Hot season of amusement ride production

Since the coming Canton Fair of Guangzhou, there is high season for purchasing aboard, as a 10years experienced amusement equipment manufacturer of China, Guangdong shanse culture technology co., ltd, strong OEM & ODM service supplier with CE, ISO9001 qualified. 

As the 10th GTI show finished, most of our prodution line are full schedule, as for the coming hot season of amusement kid ride production, we are ready with the whole line from QC --Purchase department--Production line, quality control sense trainning once a week not only on the engineers but also the production workers, as we believe quality is the top 1 aim to satisify our clients. 4 production line with two shifts so as to meet the lead time request of purchasers request.

We work hard, while we play hard. Every month the whole factory hold the birthday party with our workers together to share the joy time as a whole families.