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Premium Amusement Rides Happy Car- Moon Walk Leswing Car Earn Money

Theme Park Le Bar Car Happy le ba car, one of the profitable amusement equipments for fun plazza,  motor-driven battery swing car for family fun rides , this happy car from high quality glass fiber, strong stainless steel structure, eye-catching design, subwoofer speaker , radar system.
2 players Swing happy le bar car, for family fun car rides, 2 seats with 70cm width.

Family swing Le bar car ride, PU rubber wheel, LED decoration, 360degree swing, with protection radar system, high quality ,easy handle, good performance.

Application: Funny family Le bar rides 2 seats for entertainment park, play ground, shopping mall, kids’ park, theme park, amusement park, kids’ centre, family amusement park, adventure park, fun center etc