Theme Park Entertainment Amusement Playgrounds Kids rides Walking Robots High thickness fiberglass Interactive LED lighting with Remote control system

High safety performance Robot entertainment ride: Electronic safety belt, Radar system, updated thicken FRP

Operation system: Entertainment Robot Ride, work with optional remote control and coin operated

Application: Entertainment Robot Ride is widely used for entertainment park, play ground, shopping mall, kids’ park, theme park, amusement park, kids’ centre, family amusement park, adventure park, fun center etc.
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Description Specification
Youtube video on the Theme Park Entertainment Amusement Playgrounds Kids rides Walking Robots High thickness fiberglass Interactive LED lighting with Remote control system for reference:  

How does the Entertainment Robot Ride work ?
1.Play mode
  • Play mode: Start with remote control or Swipe card, Single Robot rides or multi machines shooting interactive play
  • Demo mode: When starting the demo mode, the Entertainment Robot Ride will rotate with circles automatically, accompanying with music and lights flash, show time is 1 min ,intervals for 1 min.
  • Pressing the remote control or touching the joystick causes exiting the demo mode 

2.Operation instructions
  • Operation manner: Double Potentiometers Rocker, Push the both rockers forward, robot ride will move forward, so does the backward. when push one rocker forward, another backward, machine will rotate left and right.
  • Brake mode: When releasing the rocker(At this moment the rocker reset is in the middle position),the machine stop outputting power, the amusement robot ride is sliding depends on  inertia(<1m),Please push the rocker to the opposite direction for emergency brake.

3.Radar function

 The Radar system work in 1m around the amusement robot ride, if any object around it , the radar system of the amusement robot car will alarm.

The specifics are as follows:
Item Specification
Product Amusement Theme Park Playgrounds Robot Kid ride
Color Option  Blue/ Red /Yellow /Silver
Start Mode Remote Control/ Coin operated
Size 163*125*235cm
Weight 200KG
Battery 2pcs, 40A, DC12v
Voltage 24V
Working Time 5-6hrs
Motor 2pcs, 250W, 24V
Power 600W
Material Fiber glass + Steel structure
Outlook Joystick / Aircushion
Memory Card 1G, 1pcs
Loud Speaker 2pcs, 8oum,
Speed 3Gears, 40m/60m/70m /hr
Structure Stainless steel, Anti-scratching
Application Theme park, Kids park, Amusement park, playground, shopping center etc.
Delivery time 10-15Days after deposit
Warrantee 1 year

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1)Minimum Order Quantity
For new customers, they can place a trial order to test the product’s quality and the sales in their markets.
2)If the voltage and plug of your product will come with my standard?
We will confirm Voltage and plug with customer and produce machines as the customer’s request.
3)If your company can custom product as my required and put my logo on?
All of our product are designed and customized as required including color, print, pattern and logo.
4)Different coins from different countries can be acceptable to coin selector? How about cash?
Different coins from different countries can be accepted by coin selector.
Also we can install a note recognize devise into the machine (as usually comes with the coin one)
5)If your company will send engineer to my country for technical problems?
With many years manufacturing and exporting experience we have gained rich experience for malfunction of machine.,we can put an end to these malfunction.If there is any problem our technicians will handle you a solution in details,insert related instruction photos,make you clearly!
6)Lifetime of your product?
It’s according to the maintenance of product, generally speaking it’s about 3-5 years.